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Learn English the natural way. Immerse yourself with the locals and learn real-world vocabulary in a range of everyday situations, from business meetings to going for a coffee with a friend

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Be sure you are speaking 100% correctly with feedback powered by our A.I algorithms. Practice saying words and phrases just like a native speaker

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Consistency is key when learning a language. 99% of users report that they see a big improvement using the app just 10 minutes a day.

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Learn English for every situation including language for travel, daily life, or when you’re at work or school.

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The app uses voice recognition and artificial intelligence so you can practice speaking and get corrected on your pronunciation. Engage in conversations and learn new vocabulary with native speakers in unlimited interactive video lessons.

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Practice speaking in interactive video conversations

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Frequently asked questions

Fluospeak is designed to improve your speaking fluency and pronunciation skills, while expanding your vocabulary. Through our unique interactive video technology, you can practice your English in unlimited conversations with native speakers, ranging from chatting with friends to negotiating in business meetings. Importantly, you will get instant feedback on your pronunciation so you can speak clearly and confidently.

Fluospeak is for English learners who want to focus on improving their speaking and pronunciation. It is suitable for all levels of English but we recommend you have at least a minimum level of basic English (A2 level). The app is designed to take you from your level all the way to an expert level of English.

You get unlimited access to our English speaking content, including video conversation lessons on a wide range of topics. New lessons are added regularly so you are constantly learning new things and consistently improving your English level. You will also receive instant pronunciation feedback. 

It works by focusing on the topics you need to learn most. Watch lessons to learn useful language to navigate everyday situations. Then practice your pronunciation and vocabulary in interactive video conversations as if you are speaking to a native speaker in real life. You will get feedback on your pronunciation so you can speak fluently.

You are guaranteed to learn new vocabulary and improve your speaking skills by using the app. We recommend using it at least 10 minutes a day to see best results. You can decide which topics you want to focus on most depending on your own personal needs. Every month you will receive new content so that you can continue learning and improving.

It’s so easy to improve your  English speaking with Fluospeak. First you will go through the pre-learning phase, where you will learn how to say and pronounce words and phrases correctly. You will get feedback on your pronunciation so you can speak perfectly. Then you will practise through life-like video conversations with our teachers on various subjects such as daily life, work, education and travel.

Our users see quick and consistent results when using Fluospeak. The key is to use it regularly everyday in order to see results. You can practise as much as you want for as long as you want. The more consistently you use the app, the more you will improve. Overall our users say 10 minutes practise everyday give a 99.7% improvement after just 30 days. 

Fluospeak is designed to give personalised and detailed feedback so that you know where you need to focus to improve. Everybody is different and has a different level of English, and that’s why personalised feedback is so important for improvement. You can also contact our customer service team with any extra questions you may have.

Fluospeak has two payment plans. $10 a month starter plan (billed every 3 months) or $6.25 a month (billed yearly). Considering that the average cost of an English lesson with high quality teachers, specialised in pronunciation and speaking, is $50 an hour, Fluospeak offers incredible value as well as constant new lessons and content for you to use.

The free trial works when you pick the yearly plan. You will have access to all our content for free for a week before your subscription starts.

You can cancel in your app store profile. If you cancel before your free trial, your subscription will not be charged.

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